15 Jun 2021

Game Day 2: Easy 2nd step for team USA!

As expected the US national team had an easy afternoon for the 2nd day of Super Final matches of the World League. Adam Krikorian's team won 20-2 over Kazakhstan and reached two victories in the tournament.

The American coach gave quality time to all his athletes while the MVP of the match was the goalkeeper Amanda Logan. First scorer of the game was Madeline Musseman with three goals.

Periods: 9-0, 6-2, 1-0. 4-0

USA (Adam Krikorian): Johnson, Musselman 3, Seidemann 1, Fattal 2, Hauschild 2, Steffens, Haralabidis 5, Nieushul 1, Fischer Aria 1,  Gilchrist 1, Fischer Alys 2, Williams 2, Longan 

KAZAKHSTAN (Marat Naurazbekov): Zharkimbayeva, Pochinok, Glukhova, Turova, Yeremina, Roga 1, Novikova, Muravyeva 1, Shapovalova, Khritankova, Anossova, Murataliyeva, Martynenko 


After the end of the meeting, Stefania Haralabidis spoke to the press office and focused her statement on the great image presented by the Greek team in the game between the two teams that took place on Monday night.

"The National Team of Greece was very good in the game between us, despite the fact that it played without three penalized players. It has changed significantly for the better in recent years. I am sure that we will see her in a leading role in the quarterfinals and I think that it will continue in the continuation of the event.

My team is always aiming for the gold medal. But in Athens there are very good teams. We saw Canada beat Russia and Russia beat Hungary. I believe that tomorrow's game against Spain will be just as competitive".